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July 29, 2022 4 min read

We’re amidst an RV revolution as recreational vehicles grow in popularity with young people, retirees, and everyone in between. Flexible workplaces, work from home, and being self-employed make it easy to work remotely or take extended vacations. There are many benefits to hitting the open highway in an RV, such as work-life balance, breaks from day-to-day life, fun-filled adventures with family or friends, and discovering new places. Plus, many RVs offer more space and modern amenities than ever, making “roughing it” more like “glamping it.”

Whether you’re an RV newbie or a seasoned pro, here are ten must-haves for vacations that rule, the road that is.

1. RV-Specific GPS

RV-specific navigation finds the best and safest routes for road travel

Once you’ve tried this specialized navigation, you’ll wonder how you did without it for so long. Plug in your RV dimensions, and ‘voila!’—you’ll find safer routes for RV travel which are critical if your trip involves narrow and winding roads and low bridges. As well as making your excursion safer, you’ll feel more confident behind the wheel.

2. Satellite Dish: Stay Connected

Portable and installed satellite dishes 

If you want to leave the world behind and disconnect from tech for a while, a satellite dish on your RV may not be your thing. But for those of us who enjoy a little mindless entertainment or live the RV lifestyle, staying connected to family, for work, or in an emergency—even in the most remote destinations, makes having a mini satellite dish (portable or otherwise) vital.

Two things to keep in mind are location and weather. Reception is optimal with an unobstructed view of the sky, so avoid parking and campsites under a canopy of trees. Inclement weather, such as passing thunderstorms or heavy rains, can also affect your connection temporarily.

3. RV Solar Panels

There are solar panels designed for istallation or portability for RVs

RV solar panels aren’t an inexpensive investment, but if your RV doesn’t have a solar system, you may want to consider it. RVing doesn’t have to mean living totally off the grid, and electronic gadgets have become such a big part of our lives that not being connected can become a nuisance and inconvenience.  Solar panels quickly prove their value, save you money in the long run, and serve as a backup—making your initial investment worthwhile.

4. Pop-Up Screened Patios

Under the Weather MonsterMeshPod bug-screen pop-up Pod

Nothing ruins a good time outdoors more than unwanted guests, especially the buggy kind. Mosquitos, gnats, no-see-ums, hornets—Ugghhh! No worries—Under the Weather® bug-screen pop-up tents to the rescue. The Summer Pods are available in various sizes and colors, and pop open in seconds to provide instant shade. Breezy screened panels zip fully closed to keep creepy crawlies out and let cool breezes inside. The pop-up Pod folds just as quickly into a compact carry case, easy to tote and store away.

Or, cold-weather Pods have clear PVC panels that keep rain, wind, and cold at bay. So you can cozy up with your morning coffee and watch the sun rise, or set, year-round. A perfect climate-controlled portable patio—anytime you need it.

5. Portable Hammocks

Travel hammocks and hammock packs can go up just about anywhere.

Photo credit: Dziana Hasanbekava for Pexels

Hammocking is a huge trend, and all the cool kids have been doing it for a few years now. What is hammocking? Exactly what it sounds like, throwing up a hammock just about anywhere you can find two uprights and relax. Hammock packs cost around $20, and collapsible hammock sets are easily packable and portable. They’re great for lazing around after a hike, catching a few z-z-z-s, stargazing, and finding your zen in the surrounding flora and fauna.

6. Portable Campfire Grills 

Campsite cookouts and grilling has never been easier

Sure to become one of your favorite RV accessories—a portable campfire stove, camping grill or campfire pit gives you the option for wood fires, gas-burning, lava rock, or even solar and makes cooking, grilling, or wood fires much easier to manage. Look for one that is long-lasting and durable, with an oxygen flow at the base for quickly starting an efficient fire. ‘Pudgie’ pies and s’mores... yummy!

7. Drinking Water Hoses

Use a water hose rated for drinking water when filling your freshwater tank

If you grew up drinking water out of the hose, this might not seem necessary – trust us, it is. When filling up your RV’s freshwater tank, you want to use a hose rated for drinking water. They’re available in various sizes with different features. We highly recommend getting the most extended length you can find and one that collapses for easy storage and kink-free use.

8. RV Patio Mats

Outdoor patio mats provide better protection from mud and moisture

Swop the outdoor rug for a patio mat. Unlike indoor/outdoor rugs, patio mats also act as a barrier between you, puddles, and mud, keeping your sitting area clean and dry and preventing you from tracking dirt and mud inside the RV. Rugs also soak up the moisture, stay damp, and may show wear sooner – mats don’t. RV patio mats, by design, won’t kill grass, so when you leave, you do so, leaving the natural landscape and environment intact for other visitors to enjoy. (Tip – They’re great for picnics at home, too).

9. Packable Trash Cans

Pop-up laundry bags, lined with garbage bags are great for camping, are washable, and fold down to save space

These handy collapsible containers serve all sorts of pop-up needs, from laundry to recyclables – and, of course, garbage. Here’s a tip: You can buy a pop-up laundry basket at a dollar store, line it with a garbage bag, and end up with a very inexpensive and reusable collapsible trash can. Another great tip is to use large-capacity food or jumbo storage bags for storing wet items, so they don’t intermingle with anything else.

Turn your next RV trip into an extended adventure packed with comfort and convenience. These tips and RV gadgets will help keep you safe and comfortable and give you added peace of mind so you can focus on making unforgettable memories along the way.


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