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Our extensive collection of Pods are designed to put your safety and comfort first, no matter the conditions. Patented and proven, our pop-up tents will outperform any imitation out there. That's our mission: To keep you protected, present and in the moment on the field, on the trail or on the job.Our pop up Pods come in two styles: cold-treated plastic panel and bug screen mesh. Our pop up Pods with plastic panels are well suited for colder weather climates creating a barrier against rain, snow, and wind. Stay up to 35 degrees warmer than the outside so you can enjoy outdoor events without shivering. Our bug-screen mesh Pods are best suited for warm weather climates where bugs can be quite the pest during outdoor activities. Our bug-screen Pods come equipped with fine-gauge mesh to keep pesky insects like mosquitoes, no-see-ums, flies, bees, gnats, and more out. Additionally, our mesh bug-screen Pods also provide shade for the hot sun and up to 50 UPF protection from harsh UV rays. So whether you're dealing with annoying bugs or rainy days WeatherPod® has you covered – literally! From the sports sidelines to day hikes, no matter your outdoor activity, WeatherPod pop-up Pods keep you warm, dry, comfortable and bug-bite-free, so you can enjoy some of life's best moments.