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February 08, 2022 4 min read

If your Valentine’s Day is beginning to feel a little bit more like Groundhog’s Day with the same thing year after year, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got five fresh ways to woo your Valentine, with a little creative effort.

5. Go ‘Pro’

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For some this may not sound romantic at all, but too often couples fantasize about the day they get to go on a romantic vacation or talk about carving out time for a date night in the future, but never actually follow through. Maybe it’s time to take your romance to a pro’s level by having a Valentine’s meeting to carve out special times for the next year as a couple and then making them happen. A little planning ahead of time together then adding a few romantic interludes to your busy calendar will ensure you take time out to reconnect and really enjoy each other throughout the year.

And just because you called this meeting together, why not make it a candlelit dinner with a great bottle of wine. It’s just the thing to starting the year off right.

4. Stay Home

We get it – what’s so romantic about staying at home? Home is where you spend every day together. It’s where you live your routine, day in and day out. There’s nothing romantic about that and, maybe, that’s the problem.

The best part about a romantic evening at home is it creates new memories and helps you see your space in a different light. Transform your home or favorite room into something different, a tropical oasis, a romantic retreat, a space that celebrates the senses – whatever appeals to you. Get creative with catered food, moving furniture, romantic music, and some mood lighting. Or keep it simple. Turn down the lights and have a picnic in front of the fireplace, just the two of you.

You’ll be making memorable moments in the home you’ve made together.

3. Show Some Love

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Make this Valentine’s a day of giving love – to others. Volunteering and helping others can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Doing it together, as a couple, strengthens your bond and illustrates the wonderful things you can do as a team.

There’s no limit to local volunteering activities you can do – helping at a soup kitchen, cleaning up a local park, volunteering at an animal shelter, or reading to kids at the library. Find ways to share or discover new talents together. These heartwarming and uplifting moments deepen your connection exponentially. Who knows, you may continue being active in your community long after the holiday is over.

2. Retro Romance


Pick a favorite era and relive the romance of the day. If you love the ‘80s, celebrate with big hair and rock-mantic ballads. Make a mixed playlist and dance the night away.

More into the 1950s? Stream the classic crooners, like Sinatra and Tony Bennett, while downing a phosphate or sharing a sundae. Finish the night by downloading a romantic Alfred Hitchcock thriller then curl up to enjoy.

Channel the roaring 1920s when romance was everywhere. It was all about speakeasys, creative cocktails and dancing ‘til dawn. You can recreate the experience at home with some big band music, a sultry tango, and a classic Manhattan martini, then hit the town.

1. Snuggle Up Under the Stars

Take your Valentine outside for a romantic evening. But what about the weather, you ask. We’ve got you covered – literally. Try a romantic date night for two in a WeatherPod™. Our Valentine’s Day specials give you options and a cozy oasis, protected from the elements.

Enjoy your time together in a MyPod™ Mega. There’s enough room to snuggle, watch a sunset, or enjoy a picnic and a bottle of wine, secluded from the rest of the world. Even if it drizzles or temps drop, you’re snug and cozy. Easy to use and tote, you can choose just about any destination for your special date. After Valentine’s Day, the practical side of you will love having this handy pop-up Pod for sporting events, tailgate parties, or nights together under the stars.

Bonus: Anti-Valentine’s Day

Hey, let’s be real – not everyone loves Valentine’s Day. If you’re feeling a little “anti” this year, why not practice some self-love instead. Grab your favorite treats and slip into your own personal Pod for some alone time anywhere you please. Beyond weather protection, the MyPod™ Escape also discourages others from casually interrupting your solo sanctuary.

In fact, a Pod can be a fantastic gift for a friend or loved one who cherishes their time outside more than anything else. A MyPod™ is a thoughtful gift that lets them know you understand and love them for who they are. And really, what’s more romantic than that.

 Check out our Valentine’s Day and Pod Gift Packs to save on the perfect gift.

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