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August 31, 2022 4 min read

Photo credit: Andre Furtado

A-h-h, Labor Day. Nowadays, it's a celebration of the end of summer, grill-outs, and a well-earned long weekend. Makes sense since Labor Day was created to celebrate workers and their achievements. So it only seems fit that we commemorate this weekend with a few fun facts you may or may not know about Labor Day. And in keeping with this theme, we've added a few simple workplace safety tips.

7 Interesting Facts about Labor Day

Most of us use this long weekend to prepare for Fall and the upcoming holidays, do some yard work, take a road trip, or throw a cookout— but that's not how it all started.

1.  Workers Unite! 

Labor Day celebrates workers and unions across the US

Labor in the late nineteenth century was anything but relaxing. In fact, the first Labor Day started as a parade where 20,000 members of New York's organized labor unions took to the streets to celebrate and show support for other workers and protest for better working conditions. Which then inspired other union parades across the country. And as the labor movement assumed a prominent role in American society, it quickly became a national holiday, celebrated on the first weekend in September.

2. The Labor Day Parade Still Happens 

Labor Day Parades commemorate the first labor workers march in the early 19th century

New York City still holds a Labor Day parade just north of where the original parade march occurred in 1882.

3.  Labor Day Marks the Unofficial End of Summer. 

Labor Weekend unofficially marks the end of summer

Photo credit: Roberto Nickson

The official end of Summer is September 21st, so there is no need to swap summer whites for fall apparel. In fact, as far back as the 1920's chic types, like Coco Channel, broke the "no white after Labor Day "rule, wearing white year-round.

4. Labor Day Weekend Travel is One of the Busiest.  

Over 85 percent of Labor Weekend travel is by car.

Photo credit: Vova Krasilnikov

An estimated 53% of Americans (about 137 million people) intend to travel over the holiday. That's more than Memorial Day or the 4th of July. Most will travel primarily by car at 35%, with 85% of those traveling within 250 miles of home. Traffic, u-u-ugh!

Canada Beat Us to It!

Canada instituted and celebrated Labour Day before the United States did.

Photo credit: Andre Furtado

Canada also celebrates Labour Day on the first Monday of September, and they started decades before the United States joined in.  

6. Yes, Virginia, There is a Hot Dog Season.  

Labor Day marks the end of Hot Dog Season.

Photo credit: Rodnae Productions

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Americans typically consume over 7 billion, yes, 7,000,000,000 hot dogs. That's a lot of zeros, and around 818 hot dogs are eaten every second. Yum! 

7. Labor Day is always on a Monday. 

Monday is the day of the week most people call in sick.

Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto

And guess what? Mondays also happen to be the most popular sick day. Guess the Monday blues is a real thing.

But it's not all fun and games. So much of what prompted Labor Day was centered on workplace safety. And since Covid-19, workplace safety has taken on new meaning. 

Five Workplace Safety Tips.

These five simple yet valuable tips can help make your work environment safer.

Promote work safety by using protective gear and PPEs

Photo credit: Tima Miroshnichenko 

1. Use PPEs. Whenever you come in contact with other people, you risk exposure to some air-borne illness – even if it's just the common cold. To reduce exposure, you can protect yourself and others by wearing PPEs, like masks. While safety WeatherPod tents and shields are not a substitute for personal protective equipment, they can provide added protection.

Follow proper hygiene at work including washing hands properly

Photo credit: Anna Shvets

2. Wash Hands Properly. As described by the CDC, washing your hands properly is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself healthy and prevent spreading germs. It's simple and easy to do and remember, practice makes perfect.

Wearable WeatherPod tents protect form the elements and possible exposure

3. Protect Against Environmental Concerns. It's not just germs that impact the workplace. The elements such as weather, chemicals, other irritants, or simple annoyances, like noise, can become distracting and problematic and cause safety concerns. Employers and employees should follow OSHA and CDC guidelines, use the proper safety gear, and keep the workplace clean and clear of clutter to help ensure a safer work environment. If you work outside or have concerns about possible exposure, wearable WeatherPod tents can provide added peace of mind and help keep you dry and protected from sun, rain, cold, and wind, as well as biting and stinging insects.

4. Practice an Emergency Action Plan.
 Emergency procedures are required in various situations. Regular emergency procedure drills also ensure that everyone knows what to do to stay safe and out of harm's way in an emergency.

Take breaks at work to relieve tension and stress. Be sure to hydrate too.

Photo credit: Alex Azabache

5. Take Mental and Physical Breaks. Practice good posture when sitting or standing, and use mechanical aids, braces or safety gear when lifting or hauling items. Take regular breaks to avoid physical strain or alleviate stress. Giving your body and mind some downtime from tasks you're doing helps you stay more focused and able to concentrate once you return to your duties. Don't forget to hydrate and snack healthily for quick energy boosts.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Rest up, have fun and toast our predecessors who've paved the way for a safer modern workplace and a holiday celebrating hard work and good times.

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