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April 21, 2022 4 min read

The spring calendar is almost over, and summer's just around the corner. It's time to start planning some summer activities. And fun in the sun doesn't have to involve an extravagant vacation – in fact, with fuel prices as high as they are, you might choose to stay closer to home this summer. Fasten your seatbelt; you're in for some close-to-home thrills, trips, and fun-filled memories.

Backyard Movie Nights


Plan a backyard movie night with family and friends under the stars. Go a step further, turn your movie night into a themed event. Encourage family and guests to come dressed as their favorite movie character or serve snacks related to the movie. Or, look for a park nearby that shows family-friendly movies all summer long. Pack a picnic basket and bring along your Under the Weather® Pod to enjoy the show without worrying about pesky bugs or soggy grass.

Create a Massive Fort City

(Photo credit: Tatiana Syrikova)

Blanket forts are a great rainy-day activity, so why not take them outside when the weather is beautiful? You're all set to create an entire fort city if you have a large backyard. Pull out some old sheets or blankets, twine, and clothespins, and start repurposing your patio furniture.

Bring the Waterpark to You

(Photo credit: Idal Balielo, Jr.)

There's no need to stand in line at an expensive and crowded waterpark. You can bring theme-park fun to your backyard with a bit of ingenuity. Start gathering pool noodles, PVC pipes, tarps, sprinklers, and hoses. Have the kids and their friends pitch in. The sky's the limit to creating a fun-filled incredible DIY backyard waterpark.

Game Night Round Robin

(Photo credit: CottonBro)

There are two ways to do a round-robin game night:

  • Neighborhood round-robin where kids or teams can run from house to house.
  • Game stations in your own home or yard.

Theme each home or station to one popular board or video game. You can play a full game at each station or add more excitement by setting time limits for switching games (like musical chairs). Make sure to keep track of points and winners so you can declare a champion.

Simple Science

(Photo credit: Hikmet)

Some of the best science experiments are not only simple to do, they're messy and fun, making them great outdoor activities that are also instructive. One idea that's also rewardingly tasty is to build a solar oven to make s'mores on a warm sunny day. Convert an old pizza box into an "oven" that reflects sunlight onto the pre-arranged s'mores, melting them into ooey-gooey goodness.

Scavenger Hunt

(Photo credit: Eren Li)

The scavenger hunt is a wonderful idea in so many ways. You can search and download themed printable scavenger hunt checklists, such as backyard insect, floral or color-based hunts.

On rainy days, do an indoor scavenger hunt where kids search out items throughout the house matching specific shapes. For older kids (and grownups), tailor your hunt to a themed-picture scavenger hunt where they use clues to locate objects throughout the neighborhood. Have them take pics with the items to guess the overarching theme for a prize. You can time the hunt as well.

Visit a Farmer's Market or Crafts Fair

(Photo credit: Andrew Taylor)

Kids of all ages can benefit from adding more fresh foods to their diets. Your local farmers market is full of seasonal treats, local fairs, and crafts. There are also numerous fairs nearby for collectors of all kinds, including kids. You might luck out and find a real gem, making walking the booths even more fun. Take your smartphone and have the kids research items and their value as you go.

Bike and Scooter Tours


Whether you own bikes or scooters, or you have to rent them, this can be a fun adventure for the whole family. Map out a local bike path and hit the road with new destinations to discover along the way. Make sure to bring snacks, water, and a UTW Pod, so you can take frequent breaks and have instant cover during a passing shower. You might find touring together so much fun that it becomes a regular family event.



Each summer, the heavens put on stunning displays of shooting stars as Earth drifts through meteor fields. Your best bet is to wake early in the morning or camp out under the stars to catch one of these meteor showers. It's not just the shooting stars that you'll see; you can also search for famous constellations and discuss their name origins and how they shaped exploration. If you're feeling extra ambitious, you can even try identifying the zodiac constellations that match each family member's birthday.

Rainy Day Adventure


Don't let the rain stop the fun. Pop up a UTW Pod in the backyard and have the kids curl up with their favorite book, a blanket, and some pillows surrounded by the soothing sound of rain. You can do plenty of other activities during a light rain when you're comfortably inside a WeatherPod®. Examples include pier fishing, bird watching, yoga, coloring, video games, watching a movie, or listening to tunes.

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