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April 07, 2021 3 min read

Portable bug screen protection available in April

WalkingPod Mesh

CINCINNATI (April 7, 2021) –– With the Brood X cicadas' looming emergence across 15 U.S. states in late April, Under the Weather® (UTW) Chief Executive Officer Rick Pescovitz announced the addition of the all-new WalkingPod™ Mesh to the company's lineup of bug-screen Pods.

The limited-edition WalkingPod Mesh is a warm-climate, wearable mesh-screen bubble that pops open in seconds to slip easily over the upper body as a breathable fully-enclosed cover.

"This Pod design has been in the works for some time, but with cicada season on the horizon, we decided now was the perfect time to roll it out. In addition to protecting from cicadas, it also offers protection from a variety of insects and pests, including mosquitos," said Pescovitz.

Ultra-soft, fine-gauge mesh screened panels on all four sides replace the clear cold-treated PVC panels in our best-selling cold-weather WalkingPod design. The mesh panels allow for superior airflow, which, coupled with the UPF 50 protective roof, helps keep users protected and cool in warm weather.

The WalkingPod Mesh features adjustable shoulder and waist straps to keep users hands free. It also has cinched armholes for walking around. The durable, formfitting mesh-screen bottom ensures a snug fit. The WalkingPod Mesh is available with Safety Yellow or Dark Gray trim.

Like all UTW Pods, the WalkingPod Mesh uses one-piece wire frame construction, so it's flexible, pops open and folds down in seconds, with zero assembly required. The limited-edition WalkingPod Mesh is also packable for travel and folds into a compact backpack carry case.

WalkingPod Mesh

The WalkingPod Mesh has endless uses, from hiking in mosquito-prone areas, tending flower gardens to running a lawnmower, weed-whacker, or hedge trimmer without worrying about stinging, biting, or annoying bugs. Super-lightweight, easy to tote and wear—the WalkingPod Mesh is ideal for lawn crews, gardeners, beekeepers, hikers, dog walkers, commuters, and outdoor enthusiasts on the go.

The latest addition to the best-selling WalkingPod series, the WalkingPod Mesh is the first wearable addition to UTW's popular free-standing Screen Pod collection, which features the six-person MonsterMeshPod,™ the MyPod™ Mesh individual tent, and the two-person MyPod™ Mesh 2XL.

"Our mission at UTW is to create products which help people feel safe, protected, and comfortable in all kinds of conditions and the WalkingPod Mesh does exactly that," said Kelly Mahan, UTW president.

Fast Facts:

  • With an estimated 6 percent of adults and 10 percent of children suffering from animal phobias, most commonly to insects,[i] demand for the WalkingPod Mesh, especially during cicada season, will be high.
  • Priced at $89.99 USD, the WalkingPod Mesh is currently being sold as a pre-order exclusively at com. Fulfillment for pre-orders will begin mid-to-late April 2021.

Brood X Cicada facts:

  • Brood X is the largest of the 17-year cicada broods, occurring in parts of 15 states and D.C.[ii]
  • There could be as many as 1.5 million cicadas per acre, with the total population possibly in the trillions[iii]
  • Cicadas emerge after the soil temperature exceeds 64 degrees, which is usually in mid-May[iv]
  • Cicadas are attracted to the sound of power tools and may swarm around power lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, weed whackers, etc.[v] 


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About Under the Weather:
The brand of choice for outdoor enthusiasts the world over, Under the Weather has been home to the original pop-up WeatherPod™ since it was established in 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio. First to market, Under the Weather’s mission is to provide innovative weather-protection solutions for backpackers, campers, sports parents, tailgating fans, music festival buffs and anyone determined to “Be There. Weather, orNot.™”

Under the Weather has been featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank”; NBC’s “Today” show; “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”; the “Rachael Ray Show”; Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” and Weather Channel’s “AMHQ: America’s Morning Headquarters.”

Visit UTWPods.com for more information. Stay connected with Under the Weather on Facebook (fb.me/UTWPods), Instagram (@UTWPods) and Twitter (@UTWPods).

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