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HiDow Spot Muscle Stimulator - Wireless and Rechargeable


 Muscle aches and pains are the worst, particularly when you are trying to have fun! That’s why we rely on the HiDow Wireless Spot Device when we need fast relief to get back outdoors. Fast results, portable, and gets you back to pain-free fun in no time… exactly what any outdoor lover needs. The Spot uses microcurrent therapy to deliver soothing pulsations to provide fast-acting pain relief. This is a professional-strength device that is proven to alleviate common aches and pains on shoulders, necks, backs, and anywhere your muscles are sore. Relief is as simple as powering on the device and placing it on the affected area, you’ll be back in the game, or back on the trail, in no time.

For more details about the HiDow Spot device and TENS/EMS technology, click here.

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  • Professional strength drug-free pain relief anywhere, anytime 
  • Wireless rechargeable unit
  • TENS and EMS frequencies for chronic or acute pain relief
  • Choose from 4 preset modes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Works on most areas of the body including:
    • Back, hip and abdomen
    • Joints
    • Muscular and bony areas
    • Ligaments and tendons
  • Stimulates the production of endorphins, our bodies’ natural pain killers
  • Promotes natural healing in the body
  • Provides comfort and relaxation 
  • Relieves short-term discomfort and chronic muscle pain
  • Promotes blood circulation and improves blood flow
  • Increases in muscular performance and promotes muscle recovery
HiDow Spot Package Includes:
Spot Muscle Stimulation Units 1
2 Single-Sided Adhesive Electrode Pads 1 Spartan Abdominal Pad
1 Butterfly Lumbar Pad
TENS/EMS technology
Output Channels 1
LCD Display
Preset Modes 4
Intensity Levels 20
Independent Intensity Control
Rechargeable Battery
Touch Screen No
10.5 oz
USB cable for Charging 1
User Manual & Quick Start Guide

* The Spot is compatible with all HiDow electrode gel pads.

Note: The Spot device needs to be applied to the skin before powering on. A special safety feature prevents the intensity from being turned up when it does not detect full contact with the skin.

Additional compatible replacement gel pads in a variety of sizes and shapes are available for purchase. XXL Lower Back Gel Replacement Pad


This product is not customizable.



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